We believe that committing to spine surgery and regenerative medicine requires a serious and very well-calculated decision by the patient coupled with an honest and expert approach by the surgeon. In addition, it is also our belief that every patient should be treated fairly, regardless of situations. Furthermore, whether a patient is coming from the greater Mt. Pleasant, Michigan area or from the international community at large, it is our commitment to treat all patients with the same dignity and respect that each deserve.

Accordingly, it is our mission to provide the highest quality care through minimally invasive spine surgery (MIS) and regenerative medicine to reduce pain and suffering and improve quality of life for patients from all backgrounds that suffer from neurological, orthopedic, back, and neck problems.


Our current strategy is aimed at the influence of change in market definition for spine surgery. Traditional spine surgery is defined by major morbidities, disability futures, escalating socioeconomic costs, and long-term reductions in societal contribution in the public or private sector. All of this underscores the obvious loss of vitality, happiness, family contribution, fitness, and nutrition maintenance, and hence a long-term loss of personal health, family health, psyche health, and balanced performance in the spine-injured individual.

We are creating a scalable, procedural-based strategy incorporating advanced three-dimensional organized microsurgery based on experience, science, and art as well as past, present, and future studies. We are developing a highly sophisticated microsurgery system intended to expand the market of microsurgery while reducing the cost, ergonomic burden, and logistical clutter of first-generation surgical solutions. We are working with advanced biologics and stem cell technology to not only increase the healing but also speed the recovery and minimize the long-term functional disability. In education and development, we are expanding the future of maximum function motion preserving spine microsurgery.

All of these technical, procedural, and biologic advances are intrinsic to an expanding outpatient spine surgery capability with reduction in cost, burden, and complication while simultaneously providing an expansion not only of rehabilitative solutions but also preventive and pre-habilitation protocols, expectations, and solutions.

In partnership with scientists around the globe, we are creating, expanding, and guiding multiple generations through the philosophy of wellness, prevention, and recovery to the spine, neuro-, and ortho-injured patient.